Our Approach

At Phoenix 999 we seek to connect survivors through The Rebels Project and empower survivors through Project Journey. Read more on our Services page.


Our Story

On April 20th, 1999, our lives were dramatically changed forever. Phoenix 999’s founders, Zachary Cartaya and Heather Martin, were seniors at Columbine High School anticipating graduation and anxious to make our entrance into the world then, without notice, everything changed. Both Zachary and Heather were trapped in a small office space with roughly sixty other students for five hours listening to screams of terror, gunshots, and explosions. The events of that day took our innocence and shook the lives of every student, the Littleton, Colorado community, and the nation. The outpouring of generosity from around the world following the shooting was both touching and overwhelming.

Thirteen years after the horrors our community faced, we turned on the news to see the all too familiar images of mass violence being inflicted on the Aurora, Colorado community. This tragedy also exposed the fact that a disturbing number of our fellow Columbine survivors were still in desperate need of help. It became obvious that our grief and sympathy were not enough to truly help the Aurora community and our Columbine brothers and sisters. On July 31st, 2012, Phoenix 999 and The Rebels Project were founded and established.

Meet the Team

Phoenix 999 is founded and operated by survivors. We are uniquely suited to understand your journey.

Heather Martin

Co-Founder & CEO

Amy Over

Director of Fundraising

Zach Cartaya

Co-Founder & CFO

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