The Rebels Project has successfully connected survivors across the country creating a familial community through social media networking. Through our website, Facebook, and Twitter, survivors can share stories, ideas, coping strategies, and provide general emotional support to one and other.

Furthermore, The Rebels Project hosts an annual survivors gathering brining survivors from across the country together. The gathering offers classes, restorative yoga, access to mental health professionals, and tours of Colorado landmarks. Phoenix 999 provides grants for airfare and lodging for all attendees.

Finally, The Rebels Project connects survivors to crisis services and makes referrals to mental health professionals. Learn more about The Rebels Project here.




“I no longer cry for myself when there are other mass shootings, I cry for all of the people that will now begin the most horrific journey of becoming a part of a growing family of those touched by murder, those that thought it couldn't happen to them - now living with the disbelief that this REALLY HAPPENS and evil walks among us.  I cry for the kids without fathers, the mothers without children and society without a sense of safety. The REBELS PROJECT is the place where those who never thought it could happen to them go to find a group of people who have traveled the path of pain and can hold hands on our walk together – along the path of healing.  All Rebels Project Family never wanted to be a part of such a group – but when support and healing are needed – The Rebels Project is there.”

-Connie Sanders (Daughter of Dave Sanders, Slain Columbine Teacher)

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